QA Mentor: Unlocking the Full Potential of RPA

Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder, President and CEO
Robotic process automation (RPA)—the technology driving the future—has been implemented in one process or the other by almost every major organization in the world. Yet, there is so much more potential untapped, whether due to lesser awareness or the hesitation regarding its return on investment (ROI). Interestingly, the capability of RPA was made apparent during the pandemic crisis, when business organizations had no choice but to complement their workforces with automation technologies to enhance their productivity.

An RPA specialist that helped many such organizations was QA Mentor—a provider of robust testing services for clients seeking to incorporate automation technologies. A company that began its operations ten years back in NY, QA Mentor has grown into one of the most trusted and multi-award-winning independent software testing service providers with CMMI Level 3 SVC + SSD v1.3 appraisals and ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 20000-1 certifications.

The underpinning principle behind QA Mentor is enabling organizations worldwide to bring maturity into their quality assurance and testing processes. Today, over 300 experts from QA Mentor operate in six different countries, offering 32 additional quality assurance testing services, whether it is for testing mobile applications, web-based applications, client-server applications, among other RPA services. As a result, more than 400 clients in 47 different countries are availing the company’s testing methodologies to ensure successful RPA implementations.

“The first step in RPA implementation can be an overwhelming process, where organizations have to decide which processes to automate and the kind of tools to leverage during the implementation,” begins Ruslan Desyatnikov, founder, president and CEO, QA Mentor. “With QA Mentor to guide them, organizations can rest assured that their automation investment isn’t just going to be successful, but will yield considerable returns,” remarks the CEO. Specifically, the company’s RPA development process offers the development of ‘bots,’ designed to automate manual operations. In addition, QA Mentor also offers robotic test automation to automate the manual test cases leveraged to test applications. Put simply, the company sets up a center of excellence, wherein it conducts audits for already implemented bots, ascertaining their adherence to all compliance and regulatory requirements.

Making this possible is QA Mentor’s robotic controller, which is responsible for scheduling and managing the RPA bots implemented by the company. The robotic controller monitors the bots in real-time, reporting even the slightest deviation to the client through quick and seamless alerts. Impressively, the robotic controller is offered as a valueadded product when the clients choose to implement QA Mentor’s services.

The company’s robust onboarding process only complements these capabilities. First off, QA Mentor begins every engagement trying to understand the exact pain points of the client organization based on industry type. The clients especially favor the company’s initial briefing and consultation, where it lays out the game plan and provides concrete estimations on the ROI of their automation projects.

With QA Mentor to guide them, organizations can rest assured that their automation investment isn’t just going to be successful, but will yield considerable returns

Only after the client is satisfied with the briefing does QA Mentor move ahead with the implementation. Even after the manual processes have been substituted with automated bots, the company ensures constant and consistent reporting, facilitating complete transparency and visibility into their RPA implementations.

A testament to QA Mentor’s capabilities is the role it played in automating a data center. The data center was employing over 80 engineers, each manually processing tickets from their systems. The operations were not only expensive for the organization but timeconsuming as well. That was when they decided to make a move to RPA. And who better to automate their processes than one of the best RPA service providers in the country? Enter QA Mentor. The company substituted over 80 percent of the operational workforce with three bots in just two months, streamlining their data entry, ticketing, and processing and facilitating impressive savings.

This is but one of the many success stories that QA Mentor has scripted over the years, all thanks to Desyatnikov and his team of outstanding employees. Rather than depending on cost-saving resources, the company leans on the expertise of highly qualified individuals with a broad range of industry knowledge and expertise so they can add value to each of its engagements and deliver superior results.

What’s more? QA Mentor has its own RPA University, where it offers training and guidance to learners across the globe trying to increase their knowledge and skill on automation technologies. The company provides a broad range of online and e-learning courses, each specializing to candidates seeking to pursue careers as RPA developers, analysts, or testers. The University has also launched a unique program for educating the younger generations regarding RPA, inculcating awareness and knowledge regarding the future of workplaces. Such outstanding contributions to the world of technology have placed QA Mentor miles apart from its competitors.

Owing to such capabilities—not to mention its accomplishments in the RPA realm—QA Mentor is witnessing worldwide renown and growth. Especially with COVID-19 taking its toll on the workplace, organizations around the world realize the importance of RPA, and QA Mentor is guiding them through the process of education, understanding, and implementation. “As RPA becomes smarter, its benefits will only increase. However, it is crucial to remember that RPA is not here to overthrow the workforce. Rather, RPA is here to augment existing workforces by automating repetitive tasks and empowering human employees to take on more strategic and value-adding tasks,” concludes Desyatnikov.

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Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder, President and CEO

A provider of robust testing services for clients seeking to incorporate automation technologies

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